Bunny Hop Lop
Bunny Hop Lop

Smallest rabbitry in Ontario, specializing in blue eyed holland lop bunnies

Holland Lop Rabbits

Small rabbitry that breeds Jersey Wooly and Holland Lop rabbits. Show/Brood and Pet stock available.

Carrie Jenner
Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop

Breeding beautiful balls of fur! 🙂

Courtney Mceachern

Small in home rabbitry breeding Netherland dwarfs .
Everyone is raised and housed in doors and socialized early !
Selling pedigreed breeders and pets .

Netherland Dwarf
Woodstone Rabbitry

I raise rabbits for mostly my own enjoyment, do some showing and raise some for meat.

Ginger McCurdy
Rex, Mini Rex, Silver Martens, Mini Lops, Satins, New Zealands
Tigerlily Rabbitry

I have been raising rabbits for over 20 years, and focusing on just Hollands for the past 10 years. All my rabbits are interacted with daily and played with by small children and adults. They have a large, safe, and fun area for outside play. My rabbitry is fairly small, consisting of 20 rabbits. Some of the colors I have are torts, harlequins, and broken tri. Please email with any enquires.

Holland Lops