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Leeuwen Lionheads

We are a small hobby rabbitry located in the Niagara region. We focus only on lionhead rabbits and have a very small heard. Our first litter was born March 16th 2012. We strive for breed standdard but also feel producing well adjusted and socialized rabbits is also important. Our babies are raised in house and our loved and played with daily. They leave here used to be handled by children and other animals.

Liz Van Leeuwen
Top Line Rabbitry

Hi there we started out in orillia when we bought a doe form the SPCA and she was pregnant and we loved having her babies. So we bought our first two mini rex does , which are our starter does, now we breed and show mini rex and would like to start Holland lops. We are LOOKING for show quality Holland lops so if you have any for sale email me plez! thanks we are located in orillia , very close to barrie. Like us on facebook or join my group or pm me on facbook –

Madelyn Dupuis
Mini Rex, Holland Lops

Individual cage in an old dairy barn.

Eric Lalande
Mini Rex
Mart’s Rabbitry

Hobby Have only 14 doe herd. Also raise turkeys & cornish hens.

Marty Tomlin
Californians, Red New Zealands
Giffen Farms

I have a small scale rabbitry only 6 holes, raising for pet, show and brood stock in both solid and broken colouring from Canadian & American bloodlines

Colin Giffen
Mini Rex
Lanes Rabbitry

We have a small operation now with about 15 does but i plan to get much bigger

Cody Lane
New Zealand, Flemish Giant, New Zealand Red/White, Californian Button Nose