Canada | British Columbia

Woodstone Rabbitry

I raise rabbits for mostly my own enjoyment, do some showing and raise some for meat.

Ginger McCurdy
Rex, Mini Rex, Silver Martens, Mini Lops, Satins, New Zealands
Tigerlily Rabbitry

I have been raising rabbits for over 20 years, and focusing on just Hollands for the past 10 years. All my rabbits are interacted with daily and played with by small children and adults. They have a large, safe, and fun area for outside play. My rabbitry is fairly small, consisting of 20 rabbits. Some of the colors I have are torts, harlequins, and broken tri. Please email with any enquires.

Holland Lops
Maestro Rabbitry

Breeding pedigreed and breed conformed high quality French Angora and Lionhead rabbits. All rabbits come with pedigreed paper, information kit, and food starter kit.

GIl Lewinsky
French Angora, Lionhead
Rock Slide Rabbitry

Rock Slide Rabbitry (RSR) is a small scale rabbitry located in the beautiful Creston Valley of British Columbia. We aim to produce high quality pure breed New Zealand in White, Black, Broken Black, Red and Blue. Multipurpose rabbit for Meat, Fur, Show and Pet. Please visit the website for more information.

Tiesja & Traven Huscroft
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Black, Broken Black, Red and Blue
Hidden Valley Rabbitry

Have a variety of colors in every breed I raise. Raising our rabbits for meat and pets; striving for great quality meat and exceptional temperament for pets I absolutely love my big bunnys and spends hours upon hours with them! Located on a beautiful acreage in the Cranbrook hills. Please email regarding any questions you may have!!

Kathleen Lacroix
Flemish Giant, Newzealands, English Lops
West Fresh Farms

We raise Flemish Giants, New Zealand and English Spot for pets and meat. We only keep the best Does and bucks for Quality Rabbits. We breed for colour, conformation and for good dispositions. Our farm is in the mountains of Creston and our rabbits get the best feed and hay. We hope that our rabbits get good “pet” homes but also know that rabbit meat is very good for you and in high demand so we try and fill that demand. We offer a “pick your buck + pick your doe and take the whole litter when its ready at market weight. You pick up and slaughter your own rabbits for the freezer. Bonus to this is you dont have the mess and work of rabbits with all the benefits of a healthy meat choice and knowing where your food came from. Litters are 6-12 rabbits. We enjoy our breeding stock rabbits and they are our friends/pets. Please contact us for your rabbit needs.

Christina Franklin
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, English Spots