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L & R Rabbits

We are a very small rabbitry and have breeding stock, show stock and culls for sale.

Ruth Blazenko
Japanese Harlequins
Royal Misfits Rabbitry

I raise rabbits to show and sell for pet, and show.

Kelly Mcintyre
Rhinelanders, Beverens, Americans, English spots, Dutch, Mini Rex, Silvers, Mini Satins, Havanas, Standard chins, Polish, Netherland dwarfs

Breeding show quality rabbits with pet personalities!

Vanessa Gerla
English Lops, Holland Lops
Annie’s Rabbitry

Welcome to Annie’s Rabbitry – We are located in Calgary, Alberta and specialize in broken colored English Angora Rabbits. As a member of Canadian Rabbit Breeders we strive to produce healthy and sweet tempered 100% English Angora Rabbits. Please follow me on the Facebook page for pictures/videos of my angoras:

Annie Yu
French Angora, English Angora
Mountain View Rabbitry

We’re a small, hobby, rabbitry located just outside of Carstairs Alberta, only 30 mins to Calgary and 45 mins to Red Deer. We have pedigreed and non pedigreed rabbits in all the breeds. This allows for a large selection to fit everyone’s needs. We breed all year round and are open to specific breeding requests, such as crosses from within our herd or bringing in other breeds and breeding your does for you. Also I do butcher rabbits for meat, whether they’re ours or your own.

Blair Herzog
Flemish Giants, French Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Mink Hollow Rabbitry

We have been raising rabbits since 1991, and purebred Standard Rex since 1993. We sometimes have rabbits for sale. We are happy to sell rabbits for pet or show/breeding, but we DO NOT sell through third parties. That means we will not sell to pet shops.

Katrin Becker
Standard Rex