Holland Lop Rabbit

Holland Lop Rabbit

History of the Holland Lop Rabbit

A man from the Netherlands named Adrian DeCock has been made this breed. He first started in the winter of 1949 by breeding a white Netherland Dwarf doe to a French Lop buck. The resulting litter of six was unsuccessful, however as their ears were erect and did not have the loping effect of the Holland Lop. After a few hit and misses of breeding, de Cock successfully bred the Holland Lop with characteristic floppy ears. This breed was recognized by Netherlands’ Governing Rabbit Council in 1964 and by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association by 1976.


Make sure you regularly check their teeth for overgrown teeth, which can grow into their jaws and mouths and become extremely painful.

Hay is the most important part of your rabbit’s diet. Pellets should only make up a small amount of your rabbit’s diet. They are high calorie and low fiber which leads to obesity and overgrown teeth. Fresh vegetables keep your rabbit’s intestines well hydrated, which helps with overall digestion.

Rabbits have a sweet tooth and would probably love to eat a lot of fruit. However, because of the high sugar content, fruits should be fed only as treats. Without enough water, intestinal contents can become very dry and get stuck. There are several foods that you should never feed your rabbit, including chocolate, pasta, and yogurt.

Holland Lop Rabbit

Size, Weight, Shape & Ears

The Holland Lop is a small rabbit with a compact body. The Holland Lop Rabbit have a short and thick set body. The Holland Lop Rabbit are lop-eared rabbits and they have thick droopy ears that hang down.


Size Weight Ideal
A Senior rabbit-six months or older 4pounds (1.8kg)
A Junior rabbit-under six months of age 2 pounds (0.9 kg)

Fur / Coat

They should have a good coat, firmly set in the pelt. It does not require much grooming to keep it in good condition, so weekly or bi-weekly brushings with a brush should be sufficient.

Holland Lop Rabbit


The Holland Lop is a relatively active bunny and would also love to spend some time outdoors when the temperatures are just right. They make wonderful pets and are a perfect breed for young children, being easy to handle and craving of affection.







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