Californian Rabbit

Californian Rabbit

History of the Californian Rabbit

The Californian rabbit was first bred in the USA in the early 1920s by George West, who crossed Himalayans with New Zealand Whites and Standard Chinchillas to produce a breed that would produce both good meat and fur.The Californian did not become popular as a pet until much later and sadly is still the second most common meat producing breed. It was recognized by the ARBA in 1939 and in the USA only the black and white variety is accepted for showing. In the UK, other color variations of blue, chocolate and lilac are accepted. Californians are popular pets due to their calm, friendly nature.


Check your rabbit’s mouth every two weeks or so for overgrown teeth, as rabbit’s teeth never stop growing. Their diet should be low in a hay, teeth can continue to grow into their faces and jaws, which can also be very painful.

Hay is the most important part of your rabbit’s diet. Pellets should only make up a small amount of your rabbit’s diet. They are high calorie and low fiber which leads to obesity and overgrown teeth. Fresh vegetables keep your rabbit’s intestines well hydrated, which helps with overall digestion.

Rabbits have a sweet tooth and would probably love to eat a lot of fruit. However, because of the high sugar content, fruits should be fed only as treats. Without enough water, intestinal contents can become very dry and get stuck. There are several foods that you should never feed your rabbit, including chocolate, pasta, and yogurt.

Californian Rabbit

Size, Weight, Shape & Ears

This rabbit breed has a commercial body type. Their ears are broad and medium in length, and should point straight up.


Size Weight Ideal
The Senior Bucks 8-10 pounds (3.6-4.5kg)
The Senior Does 9 ½ pounds (4.3kg)

Fur / Coat

They have short and dense fur. To keep as much of their fur out of your home as possible, simply groom them with a bristled brush outdoors 1-2 times per week when they are shedding the most.

Californian Rabbit


Californian rabbits need plenty of time outside. They do well with human interaction. The Californian Rabbit makes a great pet because of its mild temperament. Like most rabbits, your Californian should be given a couple of toys to make sure they aren’t bored.







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