Britannia Petite Rabbit

Britannia Petite Rabbit

History of the Britannia Petite Rabbit

In the early 1800s the Britannia Petite Rabbit evolved from the Polish Rabbit in England. Exports to the USA started in 1900s.

The Britannia Petite Rabbit was selectively breed to crete upright stances and refined bones structures.

By British Council Standards the breed is known as the Polish Rabbit, while in the USA it is called the Britannia Petite.


The Britannia Petite does not have any health issues particular to its breed, but rabbit owners should check their pets for common problems such as overgrown teeth. Hay is the most important part of your rabbit’s diet. Pellets should only make up a small amount of your rabbit’s diet. They are high calorie and low fibre which leads to obesity and overgrown teeth. Fresh vegetables keep your rabbit’s intestines well hydrated, which helps with overall digestion. Rabbits have a sweet tooth and would probably love to eat a lot of fruit. There are several foods that you should never feed your rabbit, including chocolate, pasta, and yogurt.

Britannia Petite Rabbit

Size, Weight, Shape & Ears

The Britannia Petite is the among the very smallest breeds with a typical weight range of 700g – 1.2kg. (1.5-2.6 pounds). They are miniature, fine-boned and slender rabbits. The head is almost triangular in profile with a pointy nose and ears held erect and close together.

Fur / Coat

The Britannia Petite’s short, soft coat does not need much care in order to keep it in good condition. They will shed a little bit more than usual twice a year, and if you’re keeping this rabbit as a pet, you will notice an increased amount of stray hairs in your clothes and around your home.

Britannia Petite Rabbit


Pet Britannia Petite Rabbits should be kept in pairs for Companionship, its important for a Britannia Petite Rabbits happiness and it can live longer. They are extremely energetic and lively. They are curious and clever and need lots of activities to prevent them from getting bored. Boxes and tubes are perfect opportunity to hide and climb. The Britannia Petite is not a good choice as a children’s pet. A bad experience when young can leave suspicious od people and may even make them aggressive.







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