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Rabbit Housing

Rabbit Hutch

If you want to have a rabbit as pet its best to provide him a big as possible hutch for playing and exercising.

Rabbit Runs

Rabbits need an exercise area in addition to a hutch or similar sleeping quarters. A run allows them to run, hop and generally stretch their legs.

Rabbit Cages

If the rabbit is going to live in the cage  and will only be taken out to play with occasionally, you’ll need a larger cage.

Every rabbit needs a place to call home, but for an owner, creating the perfect living place can be a bit of a head ache.

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Rabbit Supplies

Rabbit Food

A rabbit’s diet should be made up of good quality pellets, fresh hay, oat hay, water and fresh vegetables.

Rabbit Bowls

Before you pick a bowl for your rabbit, it helps to think about what your rabbit will be eating and how. Rabbit’s spend a lot of their time eating.

Rabbit Carriers

The rabbit carriers should, furthermore, have a solid bottom, with no grid or holes that can cause injury.